She offers a well rounded program for your pony,  long lining, trail riding, flat work and starting over fences, paying special attention to each individual pony's needs and bringing them along at their own pace .  Ponies are trained in a style catered to the thought that they will be for children to ride and show.  The ponies also get introduced  to the giant soccer ball and other interesting items to help desensitize them.  They are also exposed to other farm animals like our pet sheep and chickens.  When a pony leaves the program they are quite well rounded and accustomed to being submersed in a variety of different situations and surroundings. 

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Maye Show Ponies
Paul , Cheryl , Ethan & Ashton Maye
Fairfield, VA
Cheryl Maye has been training ponies for the hunter market for over 20 years.  Her specialty is working with the youngsters from showing them on the line, to starting them under saddle to  taking the ponies to their first shows.  She finds the whole process very rewarding .  She also specializes in selling young ponies to be future stars.